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One Eighty || Useless Facts Part 4/5

Oh my goodness, as we were busy working yesterday, a serious matter needed to be discussed, we were all craving Step-by-step cinnamon buns: Your visual guide to delicious results, anyway so beside the point... but oh my goodness.. just the ooyie gooyie, gosh let me just stop there.

Fun fact for today is... drum roll please...

"tesseradecades," "aftercataracts," and "sweaterdresses" are the longest words you can type using only your left hand.

If you find yourself only able to use the left side of your computer's keyboard, there are still plenty of words that you can type out. By using Q, W, E, R, T, A, S, D, F, G, Z, X, C, V, and B—the letters on the left side of the standard keyboard—you can not only tap out whoppers like "tesseradecades," "aftercataracts," and "sweaterdresses," you can also type "great," "vast," "water," "starter," "cascades," "retracts," "affects," "trees," "caves," "crests," "waver," "reverberate," "sat," "far," "raced," "faster," "created," "craters," "graves," "wasted," "arrested," and (perhaps best of all) "abracadabra!"

Sorry, but all I can think about now are those Cinnamon Buns.

Till tomorrow fellow inmates..




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