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01 Network Cabling

Connecting your entire business seamlessly for effortless sharing of information, and making your organisation more united, collaborative and productive will require a comprehensive, solid IT infrastructure. One Eighty SA is a leading network cabling installer with over a decade’s worth of experience. We have worked on projects big and small and know the needs that businesses have.

​Companies shouldn’t try to keep up with other companies in South Africa, but rather the world. With network cables strategically put in place, your company can work more effortlessly and your operations will become more streamlined.


​We South Africans often undervalue the importance of network cables and infrastructure. The cables are often the lowest costing component in an IT network, yet it forms the backbone on which it all rests. Performance and reliability is as much a result of your network cabling as it is of any other component, as the saying goes – “a chain is only as strong as its weakest link”. It is therefore important to not only have superior quality cables, but an experienced installer you can trust as well.

​We are certified installers for many well-known cable brands, including Molex, Krone, RIT, Legrand and more. Please view our certification. We install cables in the following categories:



​The most popular choice when it comes to voice and data cabling today, Cat5e can be laid in lengths up to 100m, handling a maximum data transfer of 1000 Mbps.



​This category is fast becoming the cable of choice in today’s business world and is even compatible with Cat5e. It allows for fast and reliable transferring of data.

03 Voice Infrastructure

Voice infrastructure is an essential part of the communication network in any business and can streamline day to day operations. Without it, your business process would be constantly interrupted. That’s why it’s so important to have a quality communication infrastructure in place.

​ONEEIGHTY SA will assess your needs for voice infrastructure and will install the necessary cables, telephones, switchboards and other related equipment to make sure your office communicates effectively and without interruption, thus enabling your employees to focus on their jobs.

​In large organisations with offices spanning many floors, even buildings, it’s imperative to have this sort of infrastructure in place. Without it, internal communication would be much more difficult and time consuming.


Not having the right system in place also leaves the door open for costly miscommunications. It is clear that, for any company to run smoothly with efficient communication channels, quality voice infrastructure is needed.

Fibre Optic

Fibre optic wires are becoming a favourite among companies looking to keep up with modern times and install computer infrastructure that will make their network extremely fast, reliable and efficient. It carries many benefits over traditional network cables, but is not always necessary in every situation. If your office network is small and relatively straightforward, traditional cables are sufficient. Fibre optics become necessary when your ICT networks are large and need to incorporate many devices without fail. ONEEIGHTY Networks is a premium supplier and installer of fibre optics, helping to modernise businesses in the Johannesburg and Cape Town regions.


​Fibre optic cables are non-conductive

  • Spark hazards are eliminated

  • Fibre optic cables offer high bandwidth over long distances

​When it comes to fibre optics, ONE EIGHTY SA goes beyond supply and installation. Splicing of these cables is imperative in large networks requiring long lengths of cabling. Splicing is the joining of two or more fibres together for a long, continuous optical cable.


​One Eighty SA also conducts an Optical Time-Domain Reflectometer (OTDR) test to ascertain the length of current fibre optic cables, including splice and mated-connector losses. This is to ensure that there are no faults in your network that could affect efficiency and reliability.

Wireless Solutions

Network cabling is important for any IT network to function, but for a fast-growing business where devices need to be used anywhere in the building, not just at a desk, wireless network solutions are imperative. ONE EIGHTY SA makes IT networks work better by installing wireless solutions. This is especially useful in situations where mobile devices, like tablets, are carried throughout the building and expected to be connected to the network at all times.

​The flexibility that wireless networks provide when it comes to the free movement of devices cannot be measured. It makes for easier communication and a more responsive work environment where anyone can work anywhere within the range of the network.

​Not many companies have the ability to chop and change their network infrastructure as they grow and even if they did, doing so is unnecessary and can become costly. We truly suggest having a Wi-Fi network as it will allow your network to expand and grow seamlessly as your company grows.

​Contact ONEEIGHTY SA today to discuss how we can turn your business around and make your IT network future proof with quality Wi-Fi solutions.


​We supply all the components you could possibly need for a wireless network from well-known manufacturers. These products are fully-loaded and capable to offer reliable, strong and fast connections that won’t let you down.

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